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Blank Concrete5 Theme

Hey all, I wanted to open up my blank theme that I use for Concrete5. You’re welcome to download and use it.

It is a simple default setup for Concrete5, every page is blank it has no information in by default so it is easy to modify. The CSS is setup for reseting HTML5 in all the main browsers.

Check it out at

MAMP Pro and OS X Mavericks

If your running MAMP Pro and OS X mavericks I’m sure you’ve had some issues. I found this great post about how to fix it.

Here is the short version.

You just need to open keychain access, click on it’s menu bar item “Keychain Access”, then “Certificate Assistant”, and “Create a Certificate”. For Name, enter your name, Identify Type should be kept as Self Signed Root, and Certificate Type should be code signing. You can pretty much click continue on everything else until your certificate…

run… codesign -v /Applications/MAMP\ PRO/MAMP\ -v”

Credit where credit is do… Thanks Liam Gladdy!

Setting up your Raspberry Pi SD card is rather easy, but I found this great video to walk you through the steps.

Just use to move your .img file.

sudo dd bs=10m if=~/"PathToFile" of=/dev/r"Disk"

My First Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi with case

Yesterday I got my first Raspberry Pi. No this isn’t a pie that you eat… really. It is a small simple linux computer. They are great for small projects or even learning.

These small computers come with nothing; there are two USB inputs, an eithernet connector, HDMI out, RCA out, headphone out, SD slot, and a mini usb power slot.

Raspberry pi

Raspberry Pi Closeup

If your looking to get this setup when you order it you don’t get any other items with it, though the computer is only $35. I did a couple of instals on mine yesterday. A standard Debian (Wheezy) install, and also setup a XBMC media server.

These are fun little units. I’m planning on trying to install Kaltura video platform on it today. This will just be a test for me. If I can actually get it running on this small machine I’ll probably look at setting one up on Amazon Web Services.

Raspberry Pi Command

Raspberry Pi First Startup

Stay tuned for updates…

Updating cPanel Branding

I had some extra time last weekend and though I would take a look at the branding section of my hosting cPanel. It didn’t take much time, but the branding made a huge difference in the look and feel of our cPanel.

Take a look the before and after for the cPanel and let me know your thoughts.

New cPanel Design

Compare Linchpin Studios LLC new cPanel design to the standard layout.

jQuery On Ready Shorthand

$(function() {
    // Code here

Trades 4 Life

Trades 4 life training program.

Finishing up Trades 4 Life this week. The students are creating a slideshow of there portfolio and what they’ve learned. We’re going to spend most of the day setting up and having the graduation for the students.

Take some time and look through the last few months on facebook and see what it was about. Keep your eyes pealed for student profiles, they’ll be posted shortly.

Customer Experience

Great Customer Experience

Traveling always brings to front the lack of thought that is put into the customer experience. Businesses put tons of thought into branding, marketing and the user experience online. What seems to be missed is the customer experience.

Once you landed a customer you should go out of the way to make sure that their experience is pleasant and good. You want to create a satisfaction that goes beyond basic services provided.

A good example is our hotel. The staff is always pleasant and goes out of there way to make sure you have a enjoyable time. The shuttle drivers are pleasant and the hotel staff is energetic and friendly. They have a 5 star yelp rating and three times the posts as all the surrounding hotels.

A poor example would be the airlines that we are traveling. When talking with the staff half of them act annoyed that your asking them to do there job, and the rest seem to provide basic service. The mobile app that they provide doesn’t give you a mobile boarding pass until your halfway through your trip. The whole experience is more of an necessary evil, rather than an enjoyable experience.

To build a great customer experience you need to approach it from your clients perspective. Consider there experience. Consider what your staff will be asked to do, and build systems that make those tasks easier for them to accomplish.

If your still using a system that your staff needs to hit an F# key to access information you need to upgrade. Those systems are years out of date and need to have the UI considered. If your staff can quickly and easily find answers or resolve issues, it will improve their response time and attitude towards customers.

Keyboard & Mouse Sharing

The concept is that you use one mouse and keyboard to control multiple computers. I use this when I’m at my desk, but I want to use my laptop for different tasks. Some of the tasks I use them for are checking websites in different browsers and operating systems. Other things I’ll do is make sure my laptop is synced up with all the files I need before heading out the door.

For several years I’ve been using Teleport to connect my desktop mouse and keyboard to my laptop. This program has been great, and worked very well. However with the most recent update to the Mac OS I keep having issues.

Since it appears as though no one is supporting Teleport anymore, I’ve decided to go on a hunt for a new system. I came across several different systems that seem to work pretty well.

Share Mouse

The first one is sharemouse this application seems to work really well and have some great features.

One of my favorite features is the ability to shade the screen of the mac your not on. This makes it really easy to tell where you are.

The other feature that I really liked was drag and drop between systems. However there is one lack in this that it doesn’t seem to let you drag and drop folders.

The downside to this app is the price. You have to purchase a license for every computer that your using so just to get started it’s almost $50.


Synergy The other app that I tried out was synergy. Synergy is a little harder to setup than sharemouse. However it seems to work extremely smoothly with little delay between screens.

Synergy doesn’t have drag & drop capabilities, it does though sync your clipboard which is useful (sharemouse has this feature as well).

The best part of Synergy is the price. It’s FREE however they do have a “premium” account that is based off of donations and allows you to request features.


Either way it is useful to have one mouse and keyboard for multiple computers. You don’t have to worry about switching between the two or adjusting your position to use multiple computers.


Sometimes I’m just impatient (and so are my clients) when it comes to launching a website. Here are some tricks I use.


Use Open DNS as your DNS server. By using Open DNS as your computers DNS servers you can login to their system and clear their cache.

Check out and sign up for your free account.

When you’ve changed the DNS of the Domain, goto and check to see if your updates have been made. If it hasn’t been made clear their cache.

Flush your local DNS Cache

Once You’ve made the changes to the DNS and your DNS server has the right information, flush your computers local cache.


1) Quit Open Browsers

2) Open the “Terminal” application

3) Type in the appropriate code

In Tiger

sudo lookupd -flushcache

In Leopard / Snow Leopard

sudo dscacheutil -flushcache

In Lion and Mountain Lion

sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

4) Hit Enter

5) Enter Password (if prompted)

6) Relaunch Browsers

Now you can visit your newly live site.


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