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Yii2 File Manager

So one of the most common problems I’m running into is file management for my projects.

My solution is to build a Yii2 File Manager. This will be an open source project hosted on GitHub @

There are several problems I’m looking to overcome.

  1. Universal File Management
    1. Allow files to be managed for your entire website in one place
    2. Simple implementation of file upload
    3. Central location for files to be stored
  2. Cloud based storage
    1. Enable CDN storage on Amazon S3
    2. Allow for files to be added over multiple means then scanned
  3. SEO friendly information
    1. Store and Pull file information from database to allow for site-wide updates.
    2. Widget for adding images that formats for best SEO practices.
  4. WYSIWYG integration.
    1. Integrate into multiple text editors for simple addition of images

This is the start of the filesystem… I’m sure the scope of the project will extend as it grows.

Keyboard & Mouse Sharing

The concept is that you use one mouse and keyboard to control multiple computers. I use this when I’m at my desk, but I want to use my laptop for different tasks. Some of the tasks I use them for are checking websites in different browsers and operating systems. Other things I’ll do is make sure my laptop is synced up with all the files I need before heading out the door.

For several years I’ve been using Teleport to connect my desktop mouse and keyboard to my laptop. This program has been great, and worked very well. However with the most recent update to the Mac OS I keep having issues.

Since it appears as though no one is supporting Teleport anymore, I’ve decided to go on a hunt for a new system. I came across several different systems that seem to work pretty well.

Share Mouse

The first one is sharemouse this application seems to work really well and have some great features.

One of my favorite features is the ability to shade the screen of the mac your not on. This makes it really easy to tell where you are.

The other feature that I really liked was drag and drop between systems. However there is one lack in this that it doesn’t seem to let you drag and drop folders.

The downside to this app is the price. You have to purchase a license for every computer that your using so just to get started it’s almost $50.


Synergy The other app that I tried out was synergy. Synergy is a little harder to setup than sharemouse. However it seems to work extremely smoothly with little delay between screens.

Synergy doesn’t have drag & drop capabilities, it does though sync your clipboard which is useful (sharemouse has this feature as well).

The best part of Synergy is the price. It’s FREE however they do have a “premium” account that is based off of donations and allows you to request features.


Either way it is useful to have one mouse and keyboard for multiple computers. You don’t have to worry about switching between the two or adjusting your position to use multiple computers.

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