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Yii2 File Manager

So one of the most common problems I’m running into is file management for my projects.

My solution is to build a Yii2 File Manager. This will be an open source project hosted on GitHub @

There are several problems I’m looking to overcome.

  1. Universal File Management
    1. Allow files to be managed for your entire website in one place
    2. Simple implementation of file upload
    3. Central location for files to be stored
  2. Cloud based storage
    1. Enable CDN storage on Amazon S3
    2. Allow for files to be added over multiple means then scanned
  3. SEO friendly information
    1. Store and Pull file information from database to allow for site-wide updates.
    2. Widget for adding images that formats for best SEO practices.
  4. WYSIWYG integration.
    1. Integrate into multiple text editors for simple addition of images

This is the start of the filesystem… I’m sure the scope of the project will extend as it grows.

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  1. I would live to have batch upload, batch rename, and the ability to archive (zip images), as well as upload a .zip folder of images, uncompress and add them to the database.

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