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Month: June 2013

Setting up your Raspberry Pi SD card is rather easy, but I found this great video to walk you through the steps.

Just use to move your .img file.

sudo dd bs=10m if=~/"PathToFile" of=/dev/r"Disk"

My First Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi with case

Yesterday I got my first Raspberry Pi. No this isn’t a pie that you eat… really. It is a small simple linux computer. They are great for small projects or even learning.

These small computers come with nothing; there are two USB inputs, an eithernet connector, HDMI out, RCA out, headphone out, SD slot, and a mini usb power slot.

Raspberry pi

Raspberry Pi Closeup

If your looking to get this setup when you order it you don’t get any other items with it, though the computer is only $35. I did a couple of instals on mine yesterday. A standard Debian (Wheezy) install, and also setup a XBMC media server.

These are fun little units. I’m planning on trying to install Kaltura video platform on it today. This will just be a test for me. If I can actually get it running on this small machine I’ll probably look at setting one up on Amazon Web Services.

Raspberry Pi Command

Raspberry Pi First Startup

Stay tuned for updates…

Updating cPanel Branding

I had some extra time last weekend and though I would take a look at the branding section of my hosting cPanel. It didn’t take much time, but the branding made a huge difference in the look and feel of our cPanel.

Take a look the before and after for the cPanel and let me know your thoughts.

New cPanel Design

Compare Linchpin Studios LLC new cPanel design to the standard layout.

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