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Month: April 2013

jQuery On Ready Shorthand

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Trades 4 Life

Trades 4 life training program.

Finishing up Trades 4 Life this week. The students are creating a slideshow of there portfolio and what they’ve learned. We’re going to spend most of the day setting up and having the graduation for the students.

Take some time and look through the last few months on facebook and see what it was about. Keep your eyes pealed for student profiles, they’ll be posted shortly.

Customer Experience

Great Customer Experience

Traveling always brings to front the lack of thought that is put into the customer experience. Businesses put tons of thought into branding, marketing and the user experience online. What seems to be missed is the customer experience.

Once you landed a customer you should go out of the way to make sure that their experience is pleasant and good. You want to create a satisfaction that goes beyond basic services provided.

A good example is our hotel. The staff is always pleasant and goes out of there way to make sure you have a enjoyable time. The shuttle drivers are pleasant and the hotel staff is energetic and friendly. They have a 5 star yelp rating and three times the posts as all the surrounding hotels.

A poor example would be the airlines that we are traveling. When talking with the staff half of them act annoyed that your asking them to do there job, and the rest seem to provide basic service. The mobile app that they provide doesn’t give you a mobile boarding pass until your halfway through your trip. The whole experience is more of an necessary evil, rather than an enjoyable experience.

To build a great customer experience you need to approach it from your clients perspective. Consider there experience. Consider what your staff will be asked to do, and build systems that make those tasks easier for them to accomplish.

If your still using a system that your staff needs to hit an F# key to access information you need to upgrade. Those systems are years out of date and need to have the UI considered. If your staff can quickly and easily find answers or resolve issues, it will improve their response time and attitude towards customers.

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